Introductory lesson
A first glimpse of kitesurfing experience

  • practise with a trainer kite on land & real kite experience on the water. _First day of beginner course.
  • Duration: 2 hours / 1 day.
  • Price: 90€


Beginner course

First steps to this fascinating sport with many practical instruction tips.

  • Duration: 6 hours in 3 days. 2 hours per day. Or intensive course 2 days, 3 hours per day.
  • Price: 270€ including all teaching equipement and instructions.


Advanced training

When you need a little trainer help

  • including rent of equipement with trainer assistance.
  • duration: 3 hours/1 day.
  • Price: 105€ with kite material (board and kite).


Kiteboarding licence

International VDWS licence

  • extra theory about safety, rights of way, weather, equipement, final exam.
  • confirmation of your level step (7 steps).
  • Price: 25 €

Welcome to the world of kitesurfing in Croatia / kiteboarding school in Nin near Zadar Croatia- an adventure with the elements of wind and water. Kitesurfing - this also includes lightness, weightlessness, action, sporting spirit and pure fun. You may just want a one-shot kitesurfing initiation, you may discover your future favourite hobby, you may want to enter the higher spheres of kiting, lessons in Surfmania school definitively represents a professional companion.

Your kiteboarding lessons in Nin Zadar Croatia is held on the long and shallow sandy lagoons around the small town of Nin near Zadar. One of the best kiteboarding spots in Croatia! This makes an ideal place for fun and simple learning progress of kitesurfing in Nin, Zadar - Croatia.

All our courses are held with VDWS international kiteschool organisation where you can get international licence for kitesurfing.

Included in price:
  • Private Guide
Prices / Person
01.09. - 30.06 01.07. - 31.08.
25-270 € 25-270 €

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